Dr. ronald L. caradine, senior pastor

Reset to Success Foundation

Rhema Worship Center

Reset to Success Foundation is the outreach arm for Midwest Career Source.  It assists the vocational school by securing financial support and cultural endeavors.

Reset to Success Foundation was conceptualized formally on August 13, 2006, and is a 501 C3 not-for-profit organization.  Its primary purpose is to meet the full spectrum of human needs; spiritual, religious, physical, social, emotional, education, intellectual and personal.  To also meet the needs of the whole man within the communities and the World by equipping and empowering each individual of all ages and Nationality thereby enabling them to function at their highest level.  Committed to promoting healthy relationships that empower people to reach, serve and grow in their faith.
To provide for the youth at risk (as outlined in the Illinois youth at risk-those individuals facing abuse in the home (verbal, physical, neglect, sexual), individuals involved in substance abuse, individuals who are sexually active, individuals experiencing teenage pregnancy, individuals who are high school drop outs from 10-21 years of age, by providing nurturing, mentoring, housing, education/training, development and guidance assistance/programs.  This is the generation that will manage the future of our country.

To provide the same support to women of low socioeconomic status, single parents faced with various adverse outcomes (abuse, violence, neglect, teenage pregnancy, single parent homes, substance abuse, drug and firearm violence, fatherless homes) as a result of family/community/government system disconnection.  Providing services to address the contributing factors rather than the symptoms.

To provide activity programs and transportation services to the elderly population at risk faced with various adverse outcomes (social isolation, depression, physical and mental abuse) as a result of decling health problems and little or no family support systems.  The goal is to meet the needs of the whole man in a society experiencing a myriad of social challenges.

The Foundation is designed to reach people of all ages in all walks of life and in every area of their life.  This can be accomplished through programs designed for:

Health and wellness programs:
Counseling programs for married couples, battered women and men
Support for the homeless
Support for the bereaved or grieving individuals
Support for people with mental illness
Support for individuals with chronic illness - AIDS, etc.
Support for teenage pregnancy, single mothers
Support and activities for Senior Citizens
Transportation to doctor's office and community center
Support for youth building, career development programs