Rhema Worship Center

Pastor ronnie & Lady sonya

Dr. ronald L. caradine, senior pastor

About OUR Pastor

Pastor Ronnie acquired a Bachelors of Science Degree from National Louis University, a Masters and Doctorate degrees in Pastoral Counseling from Andersonville Theological Seminary.  His course of studies focused on Bereavement, Pastoral, Biblical and Premarital Counseling, Systematic Theology, Doctrine of Salvation, Pastor Theology, Marriage Conflicts, Addictive Behavior, Grief, Trauma and Counseling the depressed and Doctrine of Christ and the Holy Spirit.

​Pastor Ronnie joined Rising Star Baptist Church in East Saint Louis, IL in 1984 under the leadership of his grandfather, Rev. E.L. O'Bannon, Sr.  Before the passing of his grandmother, Dorothy Mae Carson-O'Bannon, she instilled in him what it means to love God. Pastor Ronnie's love for God grew and his love for God's people also grew and he began to have a desire to do more in the ministry.  His most recent endeavors is to reach young people. To introduce them to Christ and to develop activities that will get them involved, keep them excited and motivated. But most of all letting them know that God loves them. Pastor Ronnie is married to Lady Sonya. They are the proud parents of Jeremiah and Sabrina..